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 "I was introduced to Alison during a very challenging time in my life on many levels. She has been an               invaluable resource - listening (with no judgement) and providing me with insight into myself and my               relationships. She has also equipped me with strategies for the future. This has been such a                                 worthwhile experience and I believe that everyone could benefit from therapy with someone as kind,                thoughtful and skillful as Alison" 




"Working with Alison has enabled me to bring more courage, self-compassion and balance into my life. I have learnt new strategies to help me handle life's ups and downs, as well as identify patterns and behaviours, that served me well in the past, however, are no longer needed to anywhere near the same degree. I have felt genuinely cared for and heard in a way that I have not experienced before, which has helped me recognise not only my coping strategies, but my strengths and qualities as well. I am deeply appreciative of the insights, guidance and support Alison has given me."


"When I first met Alison, I was suffering daily with anxiety around my health, manifesting itself psychologically and physically. Alison has helped me to learn how to hold these thoughts and feelings better. I now have a greater understanding of the psychological mechanisms that are at work here, and how my approach to dealing with these effects the way that I feel. I am feeling much happier and have learned a great deal about how to accept the way that I feel, be that positive or negative. I am extremely grateful for Alison’s soothing presence, and professionalism at a particularly vulnerable time for me. Our weekly appointments felt like a psychological sanctuary for me."  


"From the moment I met Alison I knew this was going to be the right fit for me. She will always do what she thinks is right for you and will always suggest ideas. I was originally going to Alison for CBT. However, after our first session it was obvious to Alison I would benefit far better from EMDR therapy and sandplay. She could not have been more right. I am for the first time in a very very long time I am in a much better space,  


I can honestly say that Alison has changed my life. I had very little expectations or what to expect for that matter when embarking on my journey. The only insight I had was what you see on TV. I can confirm that my time with Alison has been nothing like what we are led to believe. She combines the perfect amount of talking, with practical tasks as well as some mindfulness meditation." 



Isabella Villegas-Torres

“I had the privilege of working with Alison to help me combat some of my difficult personal challenges I had been struggling with for some time. Alison has a real talent in balancing our sessions with the appropriate amount of listening, along with sharing practical advice and discussion on areas that require particular attention and focus. With Alison’s help, I was gently coached on how to use a wide range of strategies (both holistic and practical theories and approaches) to help manage my anxieties and other personal ingrained mindsets that were affecting my day to day living. Alison is incredibly experienced at what she does, and I came away from every session feeling like I had something new in my toolkit on how to identify and manage scenarios that impact my emotional well-being. I have truly embarked on a journey of discovery on what makes me tick and how my life journey has impacted the person I am today. Thank you, Alison, for sharing your knowledge and experience with me. My life and my mind are definitely a better place.”


S Tinson


“I cannot thank Alison enough for 10 weeks of sanctuary from a life that was beginning to feel unmanageable. The skills I learned will stay with me forever and the safe, tranquil space she creates will always be somewhere I remember fondly, but also a place to mentally go back to in difficult times. 


I have had counselling twice before in my life and whilst it was useful at the time, Alison’s sessions were far more about building a toolkit of skills to use long after the sessions have ended. At times along the way I felt that I was too busy to make it to our sessions, but always stuck with it, and without fail I felt far more in control of my feelings and balanced as a result. 


Alison is a warm, kind person who knows just how to put you at ease. She makes an effort to understand you at a deep level and such is her humility, that she makes some insightful comments that she doesn’t even appear to realise can be life changing for her client. 


I partiality benefited from EMDR, after initially struggling to understand how it could possibly work. I cannot recommend Alison and her beautiful countryside haven highly enough. Thank you for having a hugely significant impact on my life. I will always remember it!” 




"I had the wonderful experience of working together with Alison to help overcome several PTSD related struggles I had been suffering with. Alison allowed me to work through traumatic experiences in my life by providing a safe, judgement-free and grounding environment. She encouraged and helped guide me to develop a variety of different strategies to help me cope with my anxieties and doubts. I appreciate everything you've done for me massively." 


I worked with Alison, following a health scare, triggered by work related stress.  The high levels of stress resulted in me hitting a really low point in my life, with an extended period of time off work.

We met in February 2018, at my lowest point, and from the first meeting Alison made me feel there was a way out of my stressed and anxious mind.

Her support has been invaluable over the past year.  Predominantly using CBT, Mindfulness and Meditation, I have learned many new skills to use in all aspects of my everyday life.   All of those skills, have enabled me to start recovering from years of low self-esteem and worth and to allow myself to be OK, sometimes, with not being OK.  I can now look in at myself and understand how daily events affect me, and to be OK with them. 

I have rediscovered a zest for life and adventure, which I thought was gone forever.  I have the belief and confidence in myself, to try new things and do all those things I’ve always wanted to do, to embrace new challenges.

I am forever grateful, thanks Alison.



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